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Car insurance for legal entities is a special kind of insurance, where the insured of vehicles is not an individual, but an organization. Vehicles are one of the main working tools in such companies and, naturally, they are interested in their safety.

Having issued an auto insurance policy (CCI) in our company, you can be sure that whatever happens to the car - the insurance company GROSS INSURANCE will take care of everything for you.


We will repair your car or pay you the cost of the damage if the car is damaged as a result of:

  • road accident;
  • fire;
  • a natural disaster;
  • explosion of the vehicle;
  • the impact or fall of various objects;
  • theft;
  • illegal actions of third parties.


Having issued a car insurance policy (CCI) in our company, you also receive additional services:

  • evacuation of the car to the car service center;
  • collection of documents from the competent authorities;
  • Car repair organization.


Оформив полис страхования автомобиля (КАСКО) в нашей компании, Вы получаете также дополнительные услуги:

  • эвакуация автомобиля до автосервиса;
  • сбор документов из компетентных органов;
  • организация ремонта автомобиля.


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