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Insurance of Hazardous Production facilities is a compulsory type of insurance, according to which the civil liability of the owner of a hazardous facility step forth, which may arise as a result of an accident in consequence of causing harm to health, property of third parties, as well as to the environment. 


Insurance coverage:

Insurance coverage is provided to legal entities whose property interests are related to its duty in the order established by civil law to compensate for damage caused to life, health and (or) property of third parties or the environment as a result of an accident occurring at the hazardous industrial facility operated by the Insured. In accordance with the provisions on the Procedure for Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability for Causing Harm, Life, Health and (or) Property of Other Persons and the Environment in the event of an accident at a hazardous production facility "approved by Resolution No. 271 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 10, 2008.


Amount of coverage:

Minimum Sum Insured amount is set based on type of operated hazardous production facility. 


Hazardous production facility type

Minimum sum insured amount (in minimum salary amount)


250 000


50 000


10 000


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